Sunday, 4 August 2013



Thanks very much to everyone for all the lovely messages of love and support. Things aren't getting any easier on my side, I'm afraid. However, instead of another post whining and complaining, I thought I'd try something different this week. Below is a little insight into a day in my life, drugs-wise.

I've got a big milestone coming up (Week 8 of treatment) in a couple of weeks, so I'll do a more 'traditional' post then.

Till then.

Midnight: Boceprevir, we meet again [Pill count: 4]

8am: The Boceprevir fairy awakes me. I must take 800gs of it (4 pills) every 8 hours, otherwise my body might become resistant to the drug. Ah, the joys... [Pill count: 8]  

10am: The first of my two daily doses of Ribavirin. [Pill count: 11]

4pm: Boceprevir again - here comes nausea! [Pill count: 15]
7pm: Tenofovir, my little Hep B daily reminder for the next few years. [Pill count: 16]
8pm: Ribavirin again. Yum [Pill count: 19]
10pm: My weekly Interferon injection 

Midnight: Boceprevir, we meet again [Pill count: Reset]

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