Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Why Prometheus?

Prometheus, as Greek mythology would have it, was the valiant titan who stole fire from the gods and brought it back to humankind, pretty much kickstarting civilization. Zeus, however, did not like that even a little bit and gave him one of those punishments of which the Greek gods were so fond. He was tied to a rock where a vulture would visit him everyday and feast upon his regenerating liver, for all eternity.

I felt that Prometheus punishment was akin to the experience that many Hepatitits positive sufferers in the world go through. His pain and frustration being shared by many of the humans he strived to help in his quest against the gods.

So, like the Greek titan, this humble blog will try to recover something that seems to be missing from our general human knowledge: Awareness of hepatitides in our society.

I'll try to put together information about these illnesses from diverse sources [medical, scientific, advisory etc] combined with the many campaigns that, like us, are trying to make sure all of us know more about hepatitides. On top of that, as a Hep B and Hep C sufferer myself, I will bring into the blog all personal experience I can about what it means to live with these two illnesses on a day-to-day basis. Hopefully, raising awareness will help us to understand the issue much better, dispel many of the myths that surround it and help others [and myself!] to lead full lives without the shadow of that general ignorance that can make many [me included for a while] doubt whether sharing a diagnosis with the world is a good idea.

So, like Prometheus, let's go in search of that knowledge together. Whether you're an organisation providing help, a medical association, a Hep. positive patient or an individual who wants to get involved, let me hear from you and let's create a nice, useful portal for everyone.

Finally, because deep down inside I'm a sucker for happy endings, don't forget that Prometheus was finally freed and his vicious vulture slayed! So the name and reference is not ominous but it rather is a little ray of hope from the very beginning.

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