Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Heppy B-day!

I’ve never been in a fight. Ok, that’s not exactly true. I’ve been punched a couple of times but they don’t qualify as fights because I was either too confused or too restrained in order to respond. So, I feel I can say I’ve never been in a fight.

However, if I had ever been in a fight with 5 big, strong men who proceeded to beat the fear of life into my bones and knocked me out and then when waking up I realised how extensive the kicking was, I think I would’ve felt exactly how I felt when I woke up the day after my last post.

It seems that posting on this blog acts as a harbinger for future aches and my last post fulfilled its Delphic purpose wonderfully. I mentioned that I was still aching, being extremely tired and worrying about possibly being at the doors of a mood swing but then I candidly said that I hoped ‘my fears were unfounded’. Well, they weren’t unfounded, they were just misread.

The achiness of my body, the tiredness and the general feeling of ‘urgh’ have just turned the volume up and over the last few days [and even as I write this] I’ve been feeling like I have been hit by a big truck and this just seems to be a progression of the side effects I’ve been experiencing ever since I started my treatment. I’ve been quite lucky so far by avoiding the more horrible of the side effects but I’m starting to realise that the ones I’m actually experiencing are pretty tough as well. I don’t like complaining too much but, at the moment, I just want to say ‘ouch’!

Ok, I’ve already complained so let’s turn to positive things. Feeling crappy hasn’t stopped me from going to work, seeing family and the sort so I’m happy that the painful lethargy is not crippling the limited social life I’ve got at the moment.

My 26th birthday is on Friday [incidentally, it happens to be my partner's bday too so happy bday R... Love you] and, even though I’ve never been a ‘let’s-celebrate-my-birthday’ kind of person, I’m planning to make this one count because, after all, I’m a lucky man and I’m happy to add another year to my life.

So, here’s to a long and fruitful life and we’ll talk next week!


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Anonymous said...

ay it sounds tough, you're doing well, keep going and keep hoping,
love anna

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