Monday, 17 November 2008

No more Mr Reluctant-Blogger!

Hello everyone…

I’ll put my hands up from the start and admit that it’s been a long time since my last post. I wish I could say that I’ve had too many things happening [and I have] but the sad truth is that I’ve just been struggling to commit words to paper lately. Lethargy has quite settled in over the last month and I feel like I’m living inside a little bubble that consists of a perfect balance of 'waking up-getting angry on the tube-working-getting angry on the tube-crashing on my sofa-going to sleep'.

Well, I’m tired of that and I’ve decided to put a stop to it. I’ve made some major decisions [one of which you’ll hear about a lot in the next few blogs!] and I’m taking control of my life again. The treatment has been setting the rules of the game for a while but I’m not playing ball anymore. So, once again, I promise to keep the blog updated in the weeks to come and thanks to those who keep coming back to the blog even though there’s been nothing new to read lately.

The monthly update on my health is not that different from the last few blogs: Tired, tired and tired. Getting out of bed every morning is a big battle and that’s a battle I only win when I get back into bed at night. Apart from that, I think I’ve been coping alright with everything that’s been happening and if that changes, you’ll all hear about it!

I’m working on the big news that will come probably in the next post and please come back for it because, rest assured, I’m going to need all the help and support that you can give me!

In the meantime, please check this out and show your support. Every little helps! Many thanks…

See you next week!


Emily Benet said...

ooh what is the news?! you are good at suspense!

Camille said...

looking forward to the news, good to hear of you again- i checked just yesterday to no avail! sending you all my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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